Dance portrait sessions &  performances

My favorite subjects to photograph are dancers. Being a dancer my whole life - it a is a true passion of mine which I love to channel into my dance photographs and photo sessions. 

When scheduling a dance session with me, I provide location suggestions, outfit suggestions if you need (I always encourage multiple!) and will help you with positions and hitting proper technique so that you and your studio/company love your images as much as I do! 

Step One

Contact me with your ideas and session or performance/event needs - i.e. how many subjects, session/performance length, location preference or ask me for suggestions and any other details you think I should know!

Contact Me

Step Two

I'll respond with anything you need including location suggestions local to the area, outfit suggestions, or other questions (especially if it is a performance inquiry). Then I will send over a contract for you to complete!

Step Three

Once your contract is complete, we meet on the day & time of your session or performance! 

Dance is the hidden language of the soul

KBK Photo Ambassador Team

Are you a dancer who wants to work hard growing your social media following, participating in dance photo shoots, and helping to represent my brand? Then I'd love for you to express your interest in joining my ambassador team!

KBK Photo Ambassadors will schedule at least one session with me in the calendar year, participate in team photo sessions, promote their photos on social platforms, and earn discounts, fun items and more!

Dance Photo Ambassador Application Form

Thank you for your interest! The Dance Ambassador Program Application is now closed for the 2022 season. Contact Kelsey with any questions!

Thank you!

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